Becoming aCoach

Volunteer as a Head or Assistant Coach

The coaches and referees are crucial to the success of our league.

As a not-for-profit organization, the HMBHL depends on awesome volunteers to lend their time to coach and assist teams. But more than that, coaching your child's team can create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Parents who volunteer to coach should have some knowledge of hockey but you don't need to be an expert. Being organized and dependable, very enthusiastic and having a little patience is equally important. The HMBHL will gladly pair you up with a friend in order to make coaching even more fun, as long as it does not throw off the balance of our teams. We encourage up to three parents behind the bench to provide support to our players, so you'll be in good company. Three coaches will also allow coaches to miss a game comfortably if need be. We appreciate that other family and work commitments do occur. Being able to make the majority of games is of course ideal.

There will be a two-hour coach training session where we will teach coaching theory, set the expectation for the league, teach the rules of play and you will have an opportunity to meet other coaches. Over the past two years we have found our more experienced coaches to be a great resource. They have been quick to help the new coaches and we will continue to encourage this sharing of experience. We ask our coaches to take responsibility to ensure both teams and all players have fun.

If you are keen to coach know that we will partner with you to ensure the kids have a great experience. Your leadership will be greatly appreciated, and we guarantee, you will have fun!