Halifax Minor Ball Hockey LeagueEquipment


Mandatory Equipment

  • The league will provide all players with a Team T-shirts. Team shirts are to be warn at all games.  Additional clothing can be worn under the team T-shirt.
  • CSA-approved hockey helmet with cage
  • Ball hockey or soccer shin pads
  • Hockey gloves

Advised Equipment

  • Protective cup (Jock or Jill)
  • Elbow pads (We play on an asphalt surface)
  • Plan for bad weather and pack a light-weight jacket or long sleeve sweater.

What About Hockey Sticks?

  • The hockey pad is an asphalt surface.
  • Players may use ANY regular styled hockey stick. No floor ball sticks please as it is very difficult to pass or use the backhand with this type of stick.
  • Plastic hockey sticks are welcomed. They tend to be cheaper, last longer and slide better on asphalt.
  • Sticks must not be broken in any way and must have at least 1.5 inches of height to ensure they can not penetrate a regular face mask.

What About Goalie Gear

  • A complete set of ball hockey goalie gear or ice hockey goalie gear must be worn.
The referee & league officials reserve the right to determine if any equipment is unfit for use in the HMBHL.
Please ask if you have any questions regarding the proper fit and type of Equipment.