Learn to PlayInstructor's Guide

Instructor's Guide

Our U7 and U9 will be Learn to Play Divisions.

The object of the program is to teach all participants ball hockey skills while having fun.

Prior to each game a 20 minute skill session will be delivered by the coaches. The HMBHL will support all coaches to ensure they are able to teach their team.  Repetition and smart progression will be used each week to allow all players the opportunity to learn the basic skills of stick handling, shooting and passing. 

 All skills taught must be demonstrated slowly and with progression since the players are quite young and must completely understand the movements required to master the skill.

We will use the "tell, show, help" process of teaching a sport skill. Please be sure to have the child perform each drill as slowly as necessary so they can develop the mechanical movements to master the skill. As the child learns to properly do each movement they will naturally speed up.

The cone drill can be modified by shortening the distance between the cones as the group improves on this skill. Remember that because the children are very young some might decide to stop and have a rest or want to sit out altogether. If this occurs please encourage the child by speaking politely to him/her, calling them by their name and encouraging them to keep playing. 

Always remember to keep the child’s interests first and have fun.


Learn to Play Instructor's Guide

 All Learn to Play Programs are one hour long.



0 - 5 Mins

Warm Up


5 - 25 Mins

4 Station Drills


30 - 60 Mins

Scrimmage Game


Break the group into 4 teams and have them rotate through the 4 stations.

Each drill station is set up in a different corner of the playing surface.

Remember to have the players do the drill as slow as necessary to use proper techniques.


Station # 1 - Running Without the Ball

Run frontwards, backwards, sideways and around the face-off circle. Teach basic safety such as keeping sticks on the playing surface, balance, and proper running technique.

Have every player run from the goal line to the blue line twice, frontwards, backwards and sideways. Allow a short break between each run to rest. Once every player has completed each of the drills twice have them run around the face-off circle once each first clockwise and then counter clockwise. Focus on keeping two hands on the heir stick and their head up.


Station # 2 - Shooting

 Wrist Shot and Backhand

Set up two nets and divide the group into two lines. Set up 5 balls per player and have each player shoot the ball five times then move to the back of the line. After each player has shot once switch to backhand and repeat. Focus on having good control of the ball and hitting the net.


Station # 3 - Passing

Forehand and Backhand

Form two lines of players facing each other and the players pass the ball back and forth. Work on proper passing technique for both forehand and backhand passes. Focus on giving a good target to pass to, and hitting the tape.  Start with a small distance between players and then increase appropriately.


Station # 4 - Cone Drill

Set up two lines of cones side by side about 10 feet apart. Space the cones about about 6 feet apart in each row. Have the players stick handle around the cones by going up one side and down the other.

Teach proper stickhandling technique. Have the players go as slow as needed to control the ball.

30 Minute  Scrimmage Game

Set up two mini-games sideways with two teams at each end.

After the hour session gather for group hydration. Drink boxes, water, fruit.

Thank you for your support and commitment to HMBHL and to the LEARN TO PLAY/ PROGRAM. We couldn’t do this without you.

Ball Hockey...It's your game!