The Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League (HMBHL) welcomes children, their parents and care givers and other volunteers to come together to enjoy the great sport of Ball Hockey. The HMBHL endeavours to ensure that all participants enjoy their experience playing in the League.

As a league, we will strive to build fitness, self-confidence, fair play, and sportsmanship for all children that participate. Key to this effort will be to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of playing time, and improvement of the individuals' skill base.

All Participants will be encouraged to try their best and that effort will be celebrated. The league believes that participation in team sports is a valuable aid in the development of individual life skills. Through the teaching of fair play, sportsmanship and respect, the league work towards the development of confident, physically active and healthy children.

The Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League will maintain a high level of personal conduct for all players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators. We will create a safe environment where every participant has an opportunity to have fun while enjoying the great sport of Ball Hockey. The Halifax Minor Ball Hockey league will strive to create balanced teams where all teams have a realist chance of being competitive each and every game. League officials will establish a process for balancing teams, all participants agree to abide by their rebalancing decisions in effort create balanced play.

Fair play and team play will be the focus of the Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League at all times.