Recruiting Goalies!

We are recruiting goalies!

If your player likes to put on the pads when the neighbourhood kids play street hockey maybe he or she would like to give goaltending a try! The Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League is an excellent opportunity to give this awesome position a try. We promise, it will be super fun! Absolutely no experience is required. Each goalie will have to supply a set of goalie gear. The younger age groups (u6 and U8) can use ball hockey goalie gear that can be purchased at Canadian Tire. As the kids get older U10 and older, goalies use standard hockey goalie gear. Most will find use ice hockey gear for the added protection. Currently the league has a few sets of gear which we will give to the first players to ask.

Note that we will encourage our coaches to identify a back up goalie. The back up will play if the regular goalie is missing, and if the regular goalie would like to play out for a game or two. Ideally, we will give all players who would like to try goaltending a chance to tend the crease!

If your player would like to try goaltending, please indicate that during the registration process or send us a message at .

Please write “Goaltending” as your email subject!