The role of an official

The Role of our Officials

Every season we recruit a quality team of referees to ensure our league is run safely, efficiently and within the rules of the game. Our referees are crucial to our success.

In effort to create a leadership training opportunity we encourage players in the U16 Division to become trained as referees. We will also require an number of adults or teens older than 16 to referee the U16 division..

The HMBHL will provide:
An honorarium for each game refereed.

A 2 hour training session prior to the start of the season.
On going guidance and assistance throughout the season.

What each referee must bring to the table:

A desire to gain a thorough understanding of all rules of play.
A commitment to being 100% reliable and to show up when expected.

To always be on time.

As a representative of the league you will commit to looking and acting professionally.

You will take your commitment for making each game safe and fun for every player very seriously.

You will commit to doing your very best while having fun.

We are now recruiting officials for this season

If you are interested in becoming a HMBHL referee please send a message to [email protected]