Youth Ball Hockey updated

Season 4 of the Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League is underway with close to 200 kids playing! 

We have opened limited spots in all age divisions and have discounted the entry fee from $135 to $100. To join, go to the registration page on this website.

The league will run for 8 weeks and include 12 games. All games will be played at the outdoor Gorsebrook Ball Hockey court. Players of all abilities are most welcomed. In fact our league is a great place for kids who have never played hockey and always wanted to give it a try. We will do our best to create balanced teams and we will ensure that all kids have a fun time.

Our age groups will be based on year of birth and are as follows:

  • U6/U8 (2014, 2015,2016,2017)
  • U10 (2012,2013)
  • U 13 (2009, 2010, 2011)
  • U16 (2006,2007,2008)

Format of play:

  • U8 will play a Learn to Play format. Each session will feature 30 minutes  of learning basic ball hockey skills, and a 30-minute game. They will play cross rink, 4×4 plus a goaltender.
  • U10 and U13 will play a 2×25 minute game. They will play cross rink, 4×4 plus a goaltender.
  • U16 will play  cross rink, 3×3 plus a goaltender.

A great chance to try Goaltending!

This year we will identify 1-2 players on each team who would like to be goaltender. A regular goaltender and a back-up. When registering please indicate if your player is keen to play nets.  They will have the option to change their mind later. Goaltenders will require the appropriate gear. The league does have some gear that will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Our schedule:

  • Our season will run over 8 weeks starting in early May.
  • We anticipate one game on Saturday 9-2 and another game on Monday or Wednesday evening 6-8. If a game gets rained out we will try to reschedule based on the availability of the facility.
  • The season will start with an Exhibition game. We will use this Exhibition game to help us balance the Teams.